Our origin story

The College Prep Camp is the evolution of a program called The College App Camp. And that story goes a little further back.

Bybee College Prep started as a research project for my master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Having worked with exceptional students for several years, I noticed that many of these very bright students weren’t doing as well on the PSAT as they could, so I set out to see what schools might be able to do differently.

We saw amazing success. In three years we went from 9 to 22 National Merit Semifinalists and an explosion in National Merit Commended recipients. The research project turned into The Test Prep Boot Camp which eventually became the foundation of Bybee College Prep.

It was great that students had fantastic test scores and a wonderful academic record; the complex college admissions process was making it difficult for them to know where to start. We needed to do more to help, so in 2014 The College App Camp got its start

Since 2014, we’ve helped almost a thousand students get their college applications organized before their Senior year begins. We’ve partnered with PTSA organizations to offer the program as a fundraiser, and we’ve worked with school districts to provide it to college bound students. We have added to the program and have developed the sequence to efficiently work through the critical things that students find so difficult.

The College Prep Camp is the result of that work. With the popularity of program, we’re working with more organizations to help their students get the hard work done. In The College Prep Camp, we keep a low student-teacher ratio to make sure that the work gets done and that the students receive the feedback they need. Students meet with expert writing coaches for 12 hours over 4 days to organize what they’ve done to give them the best chance to achieve their college goals.

Contact us today and let’s help your student put together the best college application possible.